ICT Research Learning Grant 2006

Graham Wegner - Lockleys North Primary School

The driving question: Are teacher e-Portfolios sustainable?
This research project concentrated on the concept of teacher e-portfolios as a means for driving teacher professional development. The idea of online or electronic based portfolios has been around for a while but the recent proliferation of new web based authoring tools (commonly known as Web 2.0 tools) open up new possibilities for developing this concept, potentially making it easier and low cost for teachers to develop their own e-portfolio. The project initially started with the idea that a “small pieces, loosely joined” e-portfolio approach could be leveraged where different components required for the e-portfolio could be housed in all sorts of sites all over the internet and be “glued together” using a tool like a StartPage or a wiki, as a starting point. As the project progressed, it became apparent that the sustainability of a teacher e-portfolio needed to be considered and two volunteer teachers started their own WordPress powered e-portfolios. Although two educators is a very small sample, their feedback was very interesting and led me to my final conclusion is that it may be preferable to set a shorter term goal for DECS educators – developing an online presence.

Original Grant Application.